New blog

I have fibromyalgia & it sucks! It’s a nebulous phenomenon of pain that moves around. One day your on top of the world! the next day your in bed feeling like You caught the flu. People that are supposed to be your friends won’t understand why you can’t go out on a Friday night after plans were made on Monday. This is how you handle that…. Stop making plans
I’ve lost so many friends over canceling at the last minute I can’t count. Mostly because I have forgotten. It’s called fibro-fog. Yup, they have a name for not having a good memory. this is how you deal with that…..write it down! I now have a notebook that is a necklace around my neck.
I forget to take my meds, forget to eat, I’d forget my name & where I live if I didn’t have navigation in my car. Lol
I’m having a flair up now, and just forgot what I was going to write. And my husband is talking to me so I have lost all my train of thought. I will be back, If I remember. I hope you have a great day and try to give somebody who has fibromyalgia a very soft hug from Wenrela ❤️