Sellers: What ‘Make An Offer’ Means For You + FAQs

This is a great idea. Anyway to discount the shipping price if they accept the offer?

By now, you may have heard about Poshmark’s newest feature, Make An Offer. You may already even have new offers on your listings. But as a seller, what exactly does it mean for you? How is Make An Offer different than negotiating a price via listing comments? And how can it help you bring in sales?

100614_make an offer_sellers know

  1. Offers are binding and a sale is guaranteed when you accept an offer. A buyer must provide payment details and their address to make an offer. If you accept an offer from a buyer, payment will be processed immediately. As a result, buyers using Make An Offer are committed.
  2. Offers are private. If a seller counteroffers, other interested buyers won’t see it. The public listing price remains firm until the item is sold.
  3. Make An Offer is extremely fast. Each time a counteroffer is made, the buyer is notified immediately in the app, by…

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